Sunday, October 28, 2012

Such a tease

She didn't sttn last night. Booooo
Oh well.... DH got up with her though so yay for that at least heh. She didn't wake until 4? I think and then again at 7:30 so it's not too bad of a stretch. It could be worse. Could be one of those poor moms w/ LOs that want to wake up every 2 hours.
Thank goodness Zoe was a decent sleeper from the start. Hopefully it will get better to sttn though.

She does NOT like going to bed at 7:30. She screams her head off and it breaks my heart :( I wouldn't want to be forced to go to sleep either, but we're trying to keep her on this schedule.
She eventually gives up and falls asleep, but not after at least 10-15mins of screaming sobs.

I swear, it sounded like she tried saying " I love you" yesterday to DH.
We've been saying it to her a lot. Pronouncing each word slowly and she'll watch our mouth as we say it to her. DH was saying it to her when he was changing her... I had my head in the closet for some reason, and all of a sudden I hear
"Ah, Oh, Ooooo"...
I wish I could've seen her say it.
She does try to imitate some of the words/sounds we say to her. I think the easiest ones are

Good- Goo for her
You- Ooo

She's becoming a lot more talkative which is just adorable!

I'm having a rare burst of inspiration right now.
I'm already hand embroidering her a design on a onesie (I'll post photos when I'm done)....
but I want to make her something for when she's crawling.
I have all of this left over foam I never got to use for a Halloween thing... and yeah.. it's just taking up space and being wasted.
I have absolutely NO idea what to make her though. I guess I could do a chalk board thing like I did for SiL's girl

This thing... imagine it w/ a chalkboard in the middle

But... I dunno.... I just don't like doing the same thing twice. I mean it wouldn't be exactly the same, but it's the same idea.

Sucks sucks sucks..... I have the worst possible artist's block EVER. All the excitement and want to do something and I can't frickin think of anything :(

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