Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 weeks

Welp..... 10 weeks old today. Geeze, few more weeks and she'll be 3m old. I mean it's such a short amount of time really, but this first year, so much happens that while it does feel short, it also feels like an eternity too. Hope that makes sense.

Zoe is ok. Sticking to the schedule pretty well since that's what she's been doing naturally anyway. She's been waking up a bit earlier though which sucks but hopefully she'll start sleeping longer soon, especially in the morning. After she wakes the first time, she only sleeps about 2-3hrs then wakes again.... sucks for me since as I've said before, I don't get to sleep easily and with the pumping...

Also, the issue with her 'diaper rash', may actually be a yeast infection from what I can gather. Slathering it with rash cream has done absolutely nothing to help it. It doesn't actually look like a rash either.
It looks like tiny little whitehead pimples in her buttcrack and in a skin/fat fold where her leg meets her groin area. It also feels really gross. Bumpy and kinda hard.
Poor girl just has one problem after another :(
Gonna try some over the counter stuff first and if it doesn't clear up, call her doc.
Also will start letting her butt air out a bit more before putting on another diaper. Maybe let her have some tummy time on one of the waterproof mats or something. We'll see.

Anywho... photos!

She looks so worried in her sleep. Probably because mommy just flashed a camera in her face :P
You can see the small red dot next to her chin. That's where I accidently scratched her :(

I thought she looked a little more like me in this photo. Onesie her auntie (DH's older sis) got her :)

Wearing the footie pjs same auntie gave to her w/ cap this time since it's colder outside.

Baby butt!! Because parents can't have enough blackmail photos *nodnod*


mommyhoodafterfertilityfrustration said...

OMG she is so darn cute...I love the pumpkin hat...I so wanted to get that outfit for my daughter, but they didn't have it in her size....Zoe looks freaking adorable...the face she is making in the last pumpkin outfit pic is too precious!

unaffected said...

Cutest baby ever!!!!!

And random, but I went to Pottery Barn Kids a couple weeks ago, and they have a ton of Star Wars stuff, and I naturally thought of you :)