Friday, October 26, 2012

Velcro sucks

So we've gone back to cloth diapers. Actually started back about a week ago.
I've given up on the little green baby bamboo ones. The dryer velcro tabs were sewn in too close so weren't securing correctly when washed. So the velcro on almost all of them is screwed up and wont stick any longer. I'll eventually replace the messed up velcro for the next LO but for now... they're getting put away.
Zoe is still a little too small for the larger diapers so we're just using the pure and naturals and washing them a lot.

The larger ones will take some getting used to because they're snaps. Gonna be a pain in the middle of the night,but like I said just have to get used to it.

Can't wait to dress Zoe up for Halloween. It's nothing elaborate or anything... just a cute onesie and a cap I bought from Old Navy last

So I thought this year would be cheap for Christmas....nope.
Seeing Zoe more interested in her toys makes me want to buy a TON for her to play with lol.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

haha, It would be so hard to resist buying lots of presents for your sweet girl! :-)
Looking forward to seeing her Halloween outfit!
Boo on the velcro. I hope the others ones work well.