Sunday, October 7, 2012

I take it back...

Aveeno wasn't working. Actually seemed to be making things worse :(
Zoe's face was SO red and gross looking today and she started to get more spots on her tummy where we had started to put it. So rather than wait to see if it would eventually work... off to Target we went.
We bought some Mustela Stelatopia(sp?) cream that was recommended and we also bought some California Baby eczema body wash.
Man... I hope it works. Both of those things are so expensive but worth a try for our baby girl.

So Zoe's cousin had her first birthday party today. It was fun and cute.
Such a gorgeous day out too.
Makes me wonder what we're gonna do for Zoe's first. Still a long ways to go before we really have to figure that stuff out.

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