Monday, October 15, 2012

Alrighty... here goes...

My weight this morning....


How embarassing :( It was steady at 195 for a while and welp.... carbs and sugar have made me gain 7lbs in a month. Awesome :\

Today's the start of a healthier diet though. It's gonna be difficult, but it's gonna be worth it when the weight starts coming off.
Gotta get healthy for myself, DH, Zoe and FX future kids.

I'm not feeling really all that motivated, but that doesn't matter. I MUST do this.

And on a slightly random note...

Next nursery, which will more than likely be this computer room..... Black & White color scheme all the way.
That's all Zoe wants to look at and I'm sure that's how it is for most babies.
Of course I'll have to come up with some kind of design to put up, but it's all going to be black & white.
Was thinking, maybe if it's a boy... do like a neat tribal tattoo sort of designs on the walls. *shrugs*
That's not for a while though, so plenty of time to think about it :)

We have come in to the fussy for no reason phase right now and boy is it tiring!
I feel bad b/c I can't console her, but it's so frustrating when you know there's no reason for her to be crying lol.
Poor poor us :P hehe
She cried SOOOOOO much yesterday for no reason. Or well, maybe she had her reasons but they weren't obvious to DH or I.
Hopefully it's better today... please please let it be lol.

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lisabttc said...

Aww that's not bad at all though! I'm sure cutting back a bit will make those couple extra pounds melt right off. FX for you!
I love that you're thinking of the next nursery :-D