Thursday, October 25, 2012

4 year anniversary

We went out to dinner tonight and it was nice. Gorged myself on awfully tasty bad shit lol.
We've decided to go strict strict again though.
Apparently not going super strict again is causing us to constantly cheat. lol
So yeah, starting on Sunday or Monday... it's gonna be another month of strict Primal eating.
Well, I'm still having banana chips, but I don't eat them that often, maybe a half a palm full during the day.
And I plan on having corn at least once b/c I want some beef stew when it gets cooler.
But yeah, other than that.... BLEH strict! heh
OH other than on Thanksgiving that is. I already told DH that we're def cheating on Thanksgiving.
And not cheating, but still being gluttonous... I want a turkey all to ourselves. DROOOOOOOOLS

I love making turkey wings for my lunch. You just can't really overcook them since there isn't a lot of meat on them. I bake them in the oven for about 2 hours or so, flipping in the middle. It gets the skin super crispy and delicious!
Hopefully the turkey I make will be the same. I always have a problem with the breast meat drying out. Gonna brine the shit out of it though to hopefully help.

Oh and I'm def making a pumpkin pie. They have an awesome recipe on Cook's Country website.
It has a pecan brown sugar crust on the top of it and it's frickin YUMMY. I made that at the beginning of the week b/c I was craving it (points back to the cheating comment at the beginning).
We tore that sucker up and DH doesn't even like pecans.

Anyway, that's not for a while though.
Gotta come up with some side dishes for our month of strict primal eating. DH is a bit picky when it comes to veggies so it's gonna be a lot of the same thing. Lots of stir fry veggies probably. Oh well... we did it once and lost a bunch of weight.... and damnit, we're gonna do it again!
We have to do it or else it's just gonna be cheating cheating cheating and our weight is just gonna go up even more.

I absolutely love watching Zoe grow. It's so fun watching her become more interested in her toys and everything around her. Seeing her little head whip around everywhere wanting to take in everything heh.
I can't believe how quickly it's all happening.

She slept really well last night.
Well the first part.. she woke up at 1:30 which sucked, but then she slept until 7!!! And then went right back to sleep and woke up at 9:30. HEAVEN! lol
Gosh I hope she sleeps well again tonight.

Oh she did the cutest thing today. I just got done feeding her and was playing with her a bit. Sat her on the boppy pillow facing me and she was just in a great mood.
She started smiling and talking to me. SOOOOOOOOOOO frickin adorable. It took everything in me to keep from just smooshing her. lol
I dunno what she was trying to say, not even sure she knew, but it was adorable and I can't wait to hear more :D

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary!!!
Omg, it's going to be so hard to stay on track for the holidays! I'm trying hard too right now, but I'm also cheating hehe. I feel like this time of year, I just want to eat like a pig! lol