Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting fatter

Yep... that's me. I've been giving in BIG TIME to my sweet cravings and I'm sure I've probably gained back at least 5lbs. BLEH!!!

We're def starting back on Monday though. Both DH and I know we've been bad and well... we've had our fill. We're still not going to be super strict, like on Friday's and probably Saturday dinner, but the rest of the week is going to be strict. It has to be if either of us want to start losing weight again and with this year quickly approaching its end, well... that means we'll be trying again and I want to be healthier/thinner.
Even if that wasn't the reason why my cycles started back up again and how we finally got our miracle... the weight lost will still help with my overall health.

I have to get the little bit of willpower I have and say no to the sweets and carbs.
I'll start posting stats starting monday...... UGH I'm already embarrassed about my weight and I don't even know what it is yet.


Zoe has discovered her arms and hands!
It started a few days ago. She started to lick her arms during tummy time... now she wants to put her hands in her mouth too.
She's also VERY drooly and often blows spit bubbles
Funny how that's adorable on a baby but would be disgusting if anyone else did it :P heh

She hasn't shown any sort of reaction to the vaccinations. YAY! So glad about that. We were so afraid she'd get a fever or something, but nope.

Feels like I'm not doing enough to help her develpment.
I guess I probably am, but I dunno... just feels like I should be doing something more. Playing with her more, talking to her, letting her listen to music more often, etc etc. I'm sure most if not all parents feel this way at some point though.

Anywho... more photos of my little munchkin.

Testing her out in the stroller. The stroller suggests not putting them in it until they can sit up on their own. She's not there yet, but it was fine.
We bought the stroller from Target for $15.
Blinding her in the sun at the fair lol. We don't ride rides or anything. It's too expensive. We just walk around and enjoy the food and whatnot.

She got fussy so DH held her. I posted before how she loves being held like this and welp, this time was no different except that she fell asleep. It was SO cute and everyone just Ooo'd and aww'd when they saw her asleep in his arms lol.

And photos taken a few mins ago of her new fav position when she's awake. She loves doing some tummy time on DH and I like this. It's so cute watching the back of her head as she looks around, drools all over the pillow/arm, etc.
She's getting so good at holding her head up now. Still not able to hold it up for too long while on the tummy, but it's getting there.

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Shari's Crafty Corner said...

It is so hard to eat healthy/exercise when you have an infant. I give you a lot of credit for doing it. I have wanted to get back to it (have slowly started getting back to it) for so long. Now that DD is a year old, it is a little easier, but still takes a lot of planning to make sure we are both eating healthy.

Zoe is a doll and I love how she sleeps in such a crazy position!!