Tuesday, October 16, 2012


That's what those crib things are called.
Looked it up last night...heh
Pretty much only 2 types.... ocean or jungle themed...wth??
I ended up buying a mobile... the Fisher-Price lil laugh and learn sweet moondreams mobile.
A bit pricey, but I thought it looked cute and it's not jungle or ocean so that's a plus. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those themes. It's just not what I want to get her.
Hopefully she'll like it. She likes the boring pink flowers on her swing so she should like the mobile...hehe.

Will probably end up getting her a crib toy. Not a soother since that's what the sound machine is.... just something she can play with once she's a bit more coordinated or sitting up on her own and in her crib more often.

Only a few more weeks of pumping. WOOOO!!
I'm starting to go longer between pumps to help reduce my supply, so when I do stop, hopefully it wont be painful.
Gosh I can't wait!!
Pumping just sucks sooooo much. There are 2 pros.... I can actually see how much I'm producing so know exactly how much Zoe is getting. And it is free other than the rental cost of the pump.
But those 2 reasons are not enough to keep it up imo. She'll do just fine on formula.
Can't wait for my nipples to return to normal.

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