Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quick quick

About to head to bed....
Wondering how I'm going to dry up my breastmilk. I've been going about every 3-4hours between pumps... guess I should go longer and probably pump in a shorter amount of time. Only do 10 or so minutes instead of the 30 that I've been doing. *nodnod*
I'll have to ask DH when the rental thing is over with. I'll stop then so we get our moneys worth at least.

Oh I forgot to mention.... the tv remote in the nursery turns off the crib mobile! lol
When it first started happening, I didn't realize what was causing the mobile to stop and then I finally paid attention.
It's so weird b/c it's any of the buttons on the remote will turn it off. *shrugs* Not a big deal or anything, just weird.

Put Zoe in her X-mas pjs tonight. Her dumbdumb momma bought it in 3m size. SIGH... don't ask what I was thinking b/c I have NO idea :P
It's adorable though. heh I'll get photos and post tomorrow... also will post pics of her in her simple first Halloween costume. Of course going to take a bajillion photos!
I wish we would've gotten a pumpkin too or something but we were a bit lazy this year. Oh well.
We'll make up for it on Christmas. I want to buy more decorations for outside and indoors and of course dress her up like crazy :D


Anonymous said...

I dried myself up with going longer stretches between pumping and only pumping enough to relieve the engorgement. It took me about 2 weeks before I could stop pumping and about a month till I was completely dried up.

The holidays are a ton of a fun when you have a lil' girl to dress into cute outfits! :)

Meike said...

I stoped pumping and BF and stroked the milk out , hot towels around my Boobs and squezze . Took about a week for me x