Friday, October 12, 2012


Zoe had her 2month checkup this morning and she is 12lbs exactly and 22.8in long. She's getting so big. Still tiny but big. She also got a few more vaccinations. Poor baby. Hopefully she wont feel bad from them.

Her doc also recommended selson blue for the bumps on her skin. Said she should outgrow it though.
So yep... everything looks good. We go back at the beginning of Dec for her 4m checkup.
May get her ears pierced then.

We went to the fair yesterday. We only really go for the food....hehe.
There is this awesome Japanese/Chinese food stall that we crave all year.
It was a fun day though. Zoe was adorable and was ok for most of it. I'll post photos later.

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lisabttc said...

Yay, great news! She sounds like a healthy big girl! And Yummm I love fair food, too :-D