Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another of many more

Had another
"I'm gonna KILL DH." moments this morning when he got up with Zoe, fed her, and then right after plopped her back in her bassinet while he took a shower.
Wouldn't be so bad if she had gone back to sleep, but oh no... that wasn't happening.
Little Miss Grumpy face wanted to cry and squirm and keep mommy awake while daddy took his sweet ass time in the shower.
I wanted to throw something at DH, but no... can't do that. Not worth it.
I'm sure there will be many many MANY more moments just like that. Just have to remember to deep breath and glare at him for a while until I get over it lol.

I swear, she is going to keep me from sleeping any length of time for a while if she keeps getting out of her swaddle! Grrrrr, can't blame anyone but myself for last night's escape though. Thought I had swaddled her good but nope... 11:30 I get woken up to her grunts and sure enough, she was working on getting that 2nd arm out. I reswaddled her, and she acted like she was going back to sleep... for 30mins at a time until I finally just said screw it and got up with her at about 1:30. Fed, changed, and rocked her a bit and she went back to sleep. Of course I didn't get back to sleep until 2:30 b/c of that damn pumping.

Enough chatter... more pics!

The mess that was on the nursery floor for a while. One of DH's corworkers gave us a giant trashbag full of baby clothes. I washed it all but just hadn't gotten around to sorting it all out. Some of that is our stuff but most is the stuff she gave us.
I finally got around to finishing it up last night.

Zoe enjoying her new mobile for the first time. It's not the best mobile, but she likes it and will laugh and talk to it for about 30mins at the most heh.
The mobile turns off randomly though, and it doesn't fit the crib very well. Oh well.

Random sunbeams shot and Zoe looking like I just told her something shocking :P

And a video. Was trying to get her to smile. She kinda does. I'll capture her in a great mood one of these days heh.
Took this when her eczema was starting to get bad.
Good lord I hate hearing my own voice.

Hope the link works, tried uploading the video but it was taking forever...


OH forgot to mention, her thrush has pretty much cleared completely up. We're gonna treat for 4 more days to make sure it's all gone. Thank goodness that stuff worked.


Anonymous said...

GRRR @ DH! I like how you said you'd just glare at him hehe.
Aww she is too cute! Love the video! I'm glad to hear her thrush has cleared up!
Yay for clothes - holy moly, that's a lot! Nice!

Anonymous said...

Very cute video!!! She is growing so fast!

Free clothes are awesome!!!