Wednesday, October 24, 2012

11 weeks

Sorry for the late post for the 2 of you that read it and care :P hehe
Internet has been screwed up all day here and I'm just now able to get on at 9:30, or well 9:44.. whatever.

So anywho.... Zoe is 11 weeks today! 1 day shy of our anniversary tomorrow :)

Lets see....
What's new with Zoe....

She's staying up for longer. She's still a decent sleeper at night, but her naps during the day have gotten worse. Short little 30min naps, maybe an hour if I'm lucky but that's been rare.

She looooooooves her mobile. She'll talk to it and laugh and smile. Makes me a little jealous actually lol. How sad is that :P But if it's making her happy then YAY :) I wish the music on it was better. Dunno why companies insist on dumbing down classical music for babies. Just play the real thing or at least something better than the crap that's on there.

She is also loving her hands and anything else that gets close to her mouth. Lick lick lick lick droooooooool.

She's talking a little more. It's still not a ton yet, but it's SO frickin adorable. I love hearing her little "goos" "guhs" etc.

Feels like I'm forgetting something else. It's late though and I need to get to bed, so... PICS!

Wanted to get a close up of her eczema on her cheek.
One minute, you can't even notice it, then the next, it's all red and bumpy. Poor girl.


Cute tummy time!

And VIDEO . It's not the one of her licking her toy. That one has really loud music in the background. I'll get her doing it again eventually.
Mommy needs to clean that crib out too. Boy it's messy!

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Megan said...

She is getting so big!