Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's cold

Yep... it has gotten cold here and I'm loving it!!
So much easier to get warm than get cool.
I think Zoe is enjoying the cool weather too when she's napping. She looks so snuggly. She actually had a great nap yesterday for a few hours... and so did I..muahahaha.
But, she didn't sttn though...booo. Not sure if it was because she had a good nap or maybe b/c we put her to bed earlier or what. I need to remember to feed her at 4. That should space things out perfectly so she will eat right before bed. Hopefully that will encourage her to sttn again.

I only have another week or so of pumping, so when I stop, she's going to start sleeping in her crib. Kinda sad and happy about it. Sad because she'll be across the house, happy for the same reason. I wont get woken up by every little sound she makes in her sleep... although I'm sure that first week I'll be up often to check on her.

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