Thursday, October 4, 2012

Well... it was nice

Zoe hasn't slept through the night again. Booooo...
She's back to her usual sleep habit which honestly isn't that bad. Just sucks for me still since my body refuses to get with the program and just go to sleep quickly. Oh well.

We have a viewing and a funeral to go to :(

DH's aunt's FIL was killed when he lost control of his moped and slammed in to the back of a van.
I only met him a handful of times, but he seemed nice.
This is going to come off insensitive but he should NOT have been, moped....everything.
His family thought it was hilarious that he was such a bad driver. Seriously, the first time we met him, he had a brand new pt in he had just gotten it the day before and he had already ran in to something and dented up the side and back of it.
Oh sure sooooooo funny until this happened. Very sad that he died, but thank goodness no one else was hurt.

Gave Zoe a bath for the first time with Aveeno stuff. It's supposed to be lightly scented....... lightly my ass. It's very very scented.
It smells nice and all but I hope it doesn't irritate her skin.

Oh and Zoe's dry areas... they feel just how eczema is explained to.
Dry, kinda raised, and like the skin is thickened in those spots.
 Sometimes it is barely noticeable.... others her cheeks will get bright red.
Get better damnit!!!

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