Friday, October 19, 2012


Damn swaddles!! We have to make her swaddles super tight or else she'll get out of it and will wake herself up. Something she's done the last 2 nights... waking up at midnight... sigh.
I wish we could take her out of the swaddles to sleep, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

As for the yeast infection/thrush whatever you want to call it, it's cleared up a considerable amount after just one use of some antifungal cream. Thank goodness.

Zoe still has some bumps on her cheeks bc of her eczema. Thinking it's bc it's starting to get cooler. Not sure what else would be causing it other than the weather.
She gets her nightly bath and is lotioned up at least twice a day with the mustela stuff so yeah... not much more we can do.

Weighed myself this morning out of curiosity.
Came in at 198.....wha???
I must've been carrying around a lot of water weight I guess??
Haven't been peeing more than usual... so.... yeah
I'll take it though.... heh
I haven't been all that great diet-wise. Better than it was, but still not great. Had chocolate milk 3 times this week...potatoes twice and some rice yesterday.
Hmmmm, guess that doesn't sound too bad..... oh wait... also had 3 cornbread muffins twice this week too... ok that makes it sound worse...hehe.

Anywho, official weighin is Monday. FX that my weight will be down still.

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