Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why Zoe?? WHHHYYYY??

I dunno what happened but she was not sleeping well last night at all :(
I mean it's still better than some get I guess, but it's bad for her.
She was super tired when we put her to bed at her usual time. DH had to wake her a few times to get her to finish her bottle and there was absolutely no fussing when he put her in her bassinet.
Everything seemed good, and then at 1... she woke up. Well it wasn't fully awake, it was her making her "I'm waking up" noises.
She took her pacifier, but she just kept spitting it out and fussing even more so I gave in and got up with her at 2.
Fed her and put her back to sleep by 2:30... and she woke again at 5:30..... fed her and put her back no problem.... and she woke at 8..... UUUUUUUUGH
I'm so frickin worn out. Thankfully at 5:30 I fell back to sleep pretty fast, but that 2:30 one killed me. I stayed up to pump so got back in to bed a little after 3... and then couldn't get comfortable so never got in to that deep restful sleep.
Hopefully last night was just a fluke and she sleeps better tonight.
My brother and his family are coming over to trick or treat in our neighborhood so she'll probably be up past her bedtime so they can visit with her a little.

We'll see what happens...

I'll be back later w/ the 12w post :)

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