Thursday, October 4, 2012

Head support

Poor Zoe's head. The flat spot is only getting worse imo because she always sleeps with her head either looking straight forward or to the left. Plus sleeping and laying in the rock & play doesn't help either.
So I bought a boppy noggin head rest thing for her. Should get it saturday.
It was a decent price and got good reviews so hopefully using it will help her flat spots round back out.
I swear... they tell us to only let baby sleep on their back but don't warn you about this at all...sigh.

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Shari's Crafty Corner said...

Hopefully that helps with the flat spots! I am probably going to get reemed for this, but I let DD sleep on her boppy for the first 3-4 months. I made it so she couldn't slip down and suffocate, but it was the only way she would sleep. I think that is the only way we avoided that flat spots.