Monday, October 15, 2012


So we've decided to start giving Zoe a routine at night.
Not so much during the day yet, but at night, she gets a bath, gets fed, then she's swaddled and put in to her bassinet between 7:30-8:30. Preferably 8 but just depends on when we're able to get things done.
That's about the time she starts to get sleepy, but actually saying it's a routine now will help us stick with it a bit better heh.

Oh and last week, we bought a sound machine that also has this little slide thing that projects the images on to wherever.
This thing
We bought it from Target and BOY was it a GREAT buy. We'll need the white noise for when we're not using the fans in the room any longer (when it gets colder), but the projection is the real seller. Zoe absolutely LOOOOOOVES staring at it on the ceiling.
Not having anything to look at before, she would fuss and squirm and just be totally unhappy, but with this thing... she'll stare at it until she falls asleep most of the time. AWESOME...
Highly recommend getting something like it.

We still need to get her one of those Fisher-Price crib things. Targets here don't carry them. They had them at Buybuy baby and Babies R Us, but those are across town in terrible traffic....... thank goodness for online buying *nodnod*


So we skipped a few days of lotioning her and bathing her. I know, bad bad us. And because of that, some of her skin issues on her face and on the top of her chest came back.
No more being lazy and forgetful though.
Learned our lesson that we can't be lazy when it comes to her sensitive skin. She NEEDS her bathes and NEEDS her lotion.
We used the Selsun Blue yesterday (actually spelled it right this time lol), and the California Baby today. Will use the selsun again... probably Thursday.
That stuff is not cheap and makes her smell like a man :P rofl

Oh I accidently scratched Zoe on her jawline earlier today.
I was swaddling her in a blanket, and just as I was moving my hand to tighten it up a bit, she jerked her head over and caught my pinky nail.
I feel so bad about it b/c it drew blood :(
It's just a small knick, but I still feel terrible about it. That surprised look she gave me just before she cried just breaks my heart every time I think about it.

Her diaper rash looks so bad and feels even worse. So bumpy and just bleh. It spread a little. DH wanted to try that Butt Paste stuff so we're using that right now.
And since rash cream isn't good for cloth diapers, we switched to disposables until it clears up. Hopefully it clears soon b/c disposables aren't cheap. Easier sure... especially when it comes to dealing with poop, but I'd rather not spend money on disposables since we spent so much on the clothes to begin with heh.

And thinking about the next nursery....
Maybe not white.... Black definitely.... but it could be with another color. Maybe Black and a pretty light green color. OOO and then do some kind of tribal Panda/Bamboo theme in the room. Or just something whimsical. Possibilities are endless :)
Sigh... I just hope we'll have to start thinking about a new nursery soon after we start TTC again.

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