Monday, October 8, 2012

My little bunny

Today has been pretty chilly out. One of those colder fall, wet/raining outside days. A good day to stay in all day and just relax.
So nice....

Oh I forgot to mention the 'best' thing that happened yesterday.
Some frickin random stranger came up to DH's aunt who was holding Zoe at the time going on about how cute Zoe is.
Ok that's fine, don't have a problem with that.....
Welp... this stranger then asks if she can hold Zoe. UUUUUUHM.... hells no!
I was so caught off guard by it and trying to think of a polite way to say no. Thankfully Zoe took care of it and used that oppurtunity to spit up :P lol WOO!
But I mean come on... what kind of crazy ass person would ask to hold a strangers baby???
I didn't know this woman. She could've been the sweetest person in the world, but I don't know that. UGH.... just kinda makes me mad and also creeps me out.

The mustela and I guess the california baby stuff seems to be working already. Not imagining it this time lol. Her cheeks aren't as red and not as raised as they were before. They're actually starting to feel soft again. Not what they should be quite yet, but hopefully with time they'll get back to being baby soft again :)


Zoe yesterday all pooped out at the party wearing a hat way too big for her heh.

And photos today. DH pulled out one of her cute caps. Think this is the only animal type one we have. Boooo.. gonna have to buy more to fix that problem ;)

She was not amused by momma going crazy about how cute she is heh.

All snuggly....


SLESE1014 said...

those cheeks are so damn cute....I love the look she's giving you in the third picture....Hilarious!

socialite_baby said...

You never know with people these days, that stranger could have been dangerous! She likely wasn't, but you can't just ask someone if you can hold their baby! Crazy lady!

She does have the most insanely chubby cheeks! So adorable!

lisabttc said...

Wow, that is weird of a stranger to ask!! Freaky lady.
Aww, she's so adorable! I love the snuggly outfits and hats :-) I hope her little cheekers get better!