Monday, October 29, 2012


OT first....
I hate it when something ruins that disconnect with meat. Something that has to remind you of the animal you're eating.
I know that's so 1st world problem... but... it's just so bleh.
I had some leftover chicken wings. LOVE chicken wings... but some of them still had tiny feathers stuck to them. BLEH! It's just so unappetizing :(

Anywho, obviously back from my trip to Walmart. Went to buy some Halloween candy to pass out on Wed. Yep, I've already cheated rofl. I lasted oh... 30mins before ripping open one of the bags and grabbing some chocolate. SIGH!
Well, at least they're little pieces of candy... I guess lol.
After Wed won't have to worry about it anymore thankfully. So yeah, first week starting back isn't looking good hehe
I know DH is going to cheat too, we'll see though. He may surprise me and actually resist the urge.
I did buy a big bag of candy that we both won't want (jolly rancher things and twizzlers)... so thankfully we don't have too much to tempt us.

Zoe was good for my outting. Yay. Made sure she was fed and sleepy heh.

Think there was something else I wanted to mention but the monster.. I mean munchkin is awake :)

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