Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seriously MiL??

Ok so we went out as usual last night with DH's family.
MiL told him that she was sick and for most of the dinner, she stayed away.
THEN, she asks DH if she can hold Zoe if she washes her hands. I wasn't too comfy with the idea but just holding her at arms length hopefully shouldn't be too bad right?
Well, apparently MiL forgot she was sick or something b/c she held Zoe (sitting on the table) about 5 inches away from her face as she talked to her, and THEN snuck in some kisses on her head. WTF???
Doing all of this shit after just discussing with everyone about how fucking contagious whatever it is that she has is (started with neice and spread to her parents, then DH's aunt, then MiL etc etc).
I should've spoken up but what are you supposed to say without seeming like a total asshole??
I wanted to punch DH for even letting her hold Zoe to begin with. Damn myself for being shy too. Sigh...
Zoe better not get sick or I'm going to be super fucking pissed.

In other news... after mentioning to DH that Zoe needs extra strength swaddling.
He swaddled her nice and tight last night and she woke at 2am... her usual time. Thank goodness!!
She was super SUPER fussy though. I hate it when she's that way late at night, it's only b/c she's hungry so having to wait for her bottle to warm up feels like it takes ages.
Since it's cooler now, her nursery window is wide open and her changing pad is right by the window. I know her cries have to travel a good bit.
Oh well, can't really do much about it.

Did I ever mention the dreams DH kept having when Zoe was born?
Can't remember if I did or not.

When she was born and once we were home, every single night, he had dreams that she was in the bed with us and that he would lose her or would be sleeping on her or just something to cause him to panick.
Awwwwww lol
He would actually wake him or half wake, and look around for her on the bed, or would ask me where she was.
I remember one time he did that, and when I told him she was in her bassinet, he kept asking me "Are you sure?" lol
So sweet and hilarious :P

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