Saturday, January 31, 2015


Quick post before I head to bed.
I did end up going back to bed.... at 6:30 this morning. Even though I could've stayed up, thankfully I got right to sleep. DH got up not that long after and thankfully got Zoe when she woke. But then woke me up at 8:30. Sigh...
I figured he'd probably wake me up around 9. He had no idea that I hadn't slept well so can't blame him, plus we did need to go grocery shopping and going later than 10 is a giant headache.

I've felt a bit bleh all day b/c of the lack of sleep but overall not too bad thankfully.

We spent most of the day at the hospital. MiL called saying that DH's grandfather was doing worse. Slurred speech was worse, weaker, etc... so DH wanted to go visit which was fine with me.
Just wasn't expecting to spend the rest of our day there.

His grandpa is ok. The doctor FINALLY came around at 6pm (after doing more tests and a MRI in the MORNING).... to report on what they found and said that nothing had changed and that with the stroke... fluctuations in his condition will change. Basically he could be doing better or worse at any given moment.
Also that it's not going to be known if the state that he's in is going to get any better, stay the same or get worse. Just have to wait and see and do the physical therapy.
So... yeah....
Hopefully he'll get at least a little better. He has almost no feeling in his right arm or leg. Hoping he'll at least be able to get around some, even with a cane or walker if he needs to. Just so he can at least be a little more independent and not have to bother someone if he has to use the bathroom. Ya know? Give him some dignity.

Dh and I really aren't sure what's going to happen with my due date. With his grandfather's current state... MiL isn't going to be able to stay 2 nights here. She'll have to be at home to take care of him. I'm fine with Zoe staying there, but we would need someone to look in on our dogs. I don't even want to imagine the amount of pee/poop that would be everywhere just from the chihuahua. Our other dogs can go a long time if they have to, but him..... like I've posted about before. You could be gone for just 5 minutes and he'll have pissed at least twice in the house. *grumble*
I do not want to come home to that after being in the hospital.

We'll definitely be looking in to getting him a crate. He's not going to like it at all, but it's the only thing we can do other than just putting him outside ALL the time when we're gone.

Pretty sure there was more that I wanted to post but whatever.
Looked at a photo when I was 34w pregnant with Zoe and I was definitely bigger with her I think.
I'll have to take another photo so I can compare.

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