Tuesday, January 20, 2015


To get the heavy stuff out of the way... DH's grandfather had a minor stroke yesterday. Apparently it happened in the morning when him, MiL and aunt were going to his cardiac doctor appointment. He was driving and suddenly couldn't steer the car. Aunt had to quickly put the car in to park before an accident happened. I think his appointments are usually pretty early though so shouldn't have been too many cars on the road thankfully.
Think DH also said that he said he couldn't feel his arm or leg on one side. DH didn't know which side but that sounds like a stroke.
Not sure if they called an ambulance or what, but he ended up in the ER ALL day.
I didn't even know any of this had happened until DH called me when he got off of work at 4:30 and told me everything and that he was going to the hospital.
I know they probably didn't tell me b/c I'm pregnant and thought it would stress me out too much (they did that with some other thing when I was pregnant with Zoe.. not as serious).
DH was at the hospital for something like 2 or so hours and they FINALLY got a room for his grandfather.
Thankfully it doesn't seem to have caused any damage (as far as I know). They kept his grandpa over night and released him today so taking that as a good sign.
Still though.... really scary and I really hope he has a good many years left in him. He's not the healthiest or most active old guy but he's fiesty.
I really want Oren to get to know his great grandfather.

In much lighter news....

We got A LOT of stuff bought today. Spent just an ass ton of money, but these were mostly needed items.
We decided that we're just going to reuse the changing pad that's in Zoe's room. Once we get the crib & dresser, we'll probably set everything up in his room and just change Zoe in there until she really starts to potty train.
So that at least saved us a tiny bit of money.
We did buy 2 more changing pad covers for it.
Also bought 2 crib sheets, 2 bassinet sheets, towels, wash clothes, uuuuuhm.........ceiling fan, curtains and curtain rods..........
I'm sure I'm forgetting something that was needed.

Things we didn't need that we bought... 2 cute outfits :P One of them was a cute Gamecocks sports jersy material type of onesie that is absolutely adorable (DH picked it out), and an adorable onesie I wanted that has a cape on it and says "Super Little Brother" Awwwwwwww
I'm so glad I picked a MUCH easier theme this time to shop for :P lol

We went and paid a little more on the crib & dresser. Asked them to see if they knew when they'd be in and they're telling us it's going to be another 2-3w which is fine. Even if it had come in a couple days from now, DH wasn't planning on paying on it again for another couple of weeks so this works. Hoping that it will actually be in when they say though. They said mid January and well.. here we are and nada.
But good news is that we get $50 towards a crib mattress there OR they have free ones we could take instead. DH said it was very thin though so we'll probably use the 50 towards a better one. We'll have one picked out when the crib comes in.

I also got myself a pair of yoga pants and a nice clearance sale robe from Target :D I'd like to get a pair of sweat pants too, but I'm good to go I think.
Do need to give SiL a ring and get our bottles back from her.

Still feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything, but not as much now that we're pretty good to go on the things we wanted/needed.

We have to take the SUV in tomorrow to be serviced. Thankfully it's not super early like the one today was. 8am today.... 30min drive to get to it. And the stupid ass drivers here... we got stuck in traffic for 2 different accidents on the same damn road.
Yes, I have no sympathy for these people b/c seriously... the drivers here are TERRIBLE. Not once... but twice after we left, someone almost ran in to us b/c they were too busy talking on their phones to check to make sure that no car was coming (we were). And then these assholes have the nerve to glare at us like it's our damn fault they're MORONS.
So damn irritating.

Anyway... I hope they'll kind of pressure DH in to replacing one of the wheels on the SUV. We noticed a week or so ago that there is a nail embedded in one of them. It hasn't gone flat or anything so it's sealed in there nice and tight but... it still makes me so nervous knowing that it's in there.
Thankfully this place is only about 10mins away if that much. There's a walmart close to it that we'll hit up too so I can look for the sweatpants I want.. or see if they have any regular sized yoga pants I'd want....... and get more granola bars b/c DH and Zoe keep eating my stash *glare*

I slept MUCH better last night. WOO!
It did take me a little bit to get to sleep, but I slept much much better throughout the night. I wore earplugs which bugged me, but they helped keep the snoring noise down to a minimum.
And I did get up at the usual insomnia time AND had some bad stomach cramps that resulted in late night pooping... but I still managed to get back to sleep fairly quick and didn't wake up again until morning. SO nice.
Hoping it will repeat again tonight.

I think that's about it. I haven't forgotten the photos I said I would post. Just been distracted.
This week definitely started off rough with the scare yesterday, but hopefully all is well on all fronts.

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