Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Waiting for paint and glue to dry is BORING. Zoe is in her crib playing and I'm in the living room.... waiting. Going to watch some Netflix in a minute.

Have 3 of the emblems done. Just waiting for the other 2 to dry... which they probably are now and need to glue them together and then have to wait for that to dry. So fun :\
But it has to be done so... yeah.

Zoe is on a no phone or kindle restriction today lol. She can watch tv while I'm working on crafts but that's it.
She's been totally addicted to the phone and kindle lately.
I don't mind it so much most of the time, but girl needs to play with her toys and build up that imagination.

Also... I really wish she would eat a normal meal! I cook, put the food in front of her and maybe 20% of the time she'll actually eat it, the rest? NOPE. She'll eat maybe a bite (from something she would've gobbled up before) and that's it. She only wants snacky foods like cheese cubes or granola bars. I give it to her though b/c girl needs to eat :\
Where did my non picky baby go?

Baby boy seems to be doing well. Think he's enjoying his new position in there b/c I'm feeling a lot more movement everywhere. Guess I worried about that for nothing before.

Going to be doing some major carpet cleaning this weekend. Or Friday depending on how I'm feeling.
The hose part on the crap carpet cleaner works so it's going to take me FOREVER to finish up a room and my poor back already hurts just thinking about it, but it needs to be done. These floors look so gross.
With dog ass stains, food stains, cat blood (from his paw), dog puke, and who the hell knows what else... yeah... it needs to be done very badly. Not looking forward to it, but also kind of am. Like I said before... I actually do enjoy shampooing the carpets... it's just not being able to use the entire vacuum and limited to just using the hose part that has me putting it off.
Not sure why I even bother though. One of the dogs will come in and use the carpet as their own personal toilet paper once again. Or get sick and puke everywhere, and the poor cat's paws can't decide if they want to heal or open back up again. It's a never ending cycle :(

Learned that Dh's grandfather had a CT scan and they could see the stroke/bloodclots. Supposed to be talking to a surgeon or something to see what can be done.
Really hoping something good can/will be done.
I won't know anything until DH is home and even then, he may not get any news until he texts someone. We'll see. Hoping for good news.

Alrighty, guess I've wasted enough time. Need to go eat something and get back to work.

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