Monday, January 26, 2015


I need to schedule all my appointments for this time b/c there was like maybe 2 other people there. Really quick which was nice b/c Zoe started to get a bit bored in the room waiting for the doctor.

She did really well though thanks to my phone and the kindle :P lol

Ultrasound was really quick. They were just checking amniotic fluid, heart rate, and breathing movements and all looked good. ANd surprise surprise, baby boy has flipped head down. That was surprising although not really thinking about the movement I was feeling while waiting.

My BP was a little high but I was really anxious about Zoe so it's not really surprising. They weren't really worried about it though so I'm not going to. I don't think it's a problem.. just the white coat thing and worried if Zoe is going to behave lol.

I asked about getting the c-section done on the 6th and it's a no go. Boo :(
There's some law here that prevents c-secs before 39w unless it's medically necessary. Also insurance in the state will not pay for c-sections before 39w unless medically necessary too. So.. oh well.
I went ahead and told them to schedule it for the 9th though. EEP!
Also the doc (same one that I saw last time), said that GD baby lungs usually take a bit longer to develop. First time I've heard this.. so that's also a reason they won't do a c-sec too early unless necessary.

Oh well... 3/9/15 sounds like a good birthday. All divisible by 3 :P heh
They'll be calling me with other info and probably sending me something about all of it.

So... yep.... little over a month O_O

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