Thursday, January 29, 2015


NST this morning and Oren was not cooperating. I even drank a diet dr pepper this morning too, but it didn't do anything. He was determined not to move very much.
Thankfully what he did do was enough though so I didn't have to stay any longer. :D

Went to the store and bought myself a rotisserie chicken and I'm eating the hell out of it right now :P
Also had to buy more granola bars b/c 2 other ppl in this house can't keep their hands off of them *glare* lol

Wore some new used maternity pants that aunt got for me. They're a size large and they fit, but they also start drooping like crazy. Not sure what's going on there, but they did not want to stay up on my butt.

Zoe did well at the appointment. She did get a bit bored b/c my phone froze and I couldn't figure out how to open it to take the battery out to reset it (figured it out once we got home). But she still did good :)

Oh and went to Michaels. Bought more xacto knife blades and some glow in the dark fabric paint. DH wants to try it on one of the emblems and on the batman signal. Really surprised they don't offer more options in regular paint. Oh well. We'll see if this works out.

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