Friday, January 30, 2015

Braxton Hicks

99% positive that I actually felt and recognized some BH contractions last night.
Oren was moving around a lot, so I was paying attention whenever I felt him move, but then it felt like he would press his whole body out. When it happened again, I looked down, saw no movement and yeah... figured it was a BH.
Weird thing though is that I only felt it on the right side. I could feel one starting, then it would get that tight feeling everyone describes. Didn't hurt at all and wasn't uncomfortable either... just a tightness... but only on the right side of my bump. *shrugs*
It happened a couple more times after I finally realized what it was. They all lasted maybe 10seconds give or take some.

Just thought it was neat that I FINALLY felt some and actually realized what it was lol. Took me long enough :P

I'm not one to really care how my hair looks but damn... I had a great hair day yesterday! lol
Took a shower the night before so I wouldn't have to worry about waking up early to shower before my appointment.
I've also been using Zoe's hair/body wash on my hair. Saw something that recommended using baby shampoo during the winter to help prevent dandruff so figured I'd give it a try since winter and pregnancy have been making it snow from my head.. bleh.
Anyway... I woke up Monday morning with just awesome hair. Bouncy and voluminous :D It's what pregnancy hair SHOULD look like lol. I usually wear something in my hair, but not yesterday. I wore it as it was. It got all up in my face but I didn't care.. it looked good :P rofl

Got the little hallway between the 2 nurseries shampooed yesterday. May do our room today... or the dining room. Probably the dining room since that area has never been shampooed before and could use it. We don't use that room really. I have my big 125gal aquarium in it but that's it.
Going to hold off on doing anything to the living room since the puppy uses it as his toilet. Just pisses me off when I spend all that time cleaning it up only to turn around and oh look.... another piss spot. Grrr
I visited my mom yesterday and put his little ass outside. Didn't want him going in to the hallway that I just cleaned and pissing in it.
We're probably going to have to keep doing that or  get him a crate so we can have some peace of mind while we're not home.
Anywho... DH is wanting to do guy's night here this coming Tuesday so the carpets in most of the house will be clean by then. Like I said though, the high traffic living room area will be last.

Going to work on the last little wall decor thing today. I'm sure it will be a pain cutting out but I want to get it done and over with so I can start on something crochet.
Have a few crochet patterns saved on my ravelry account. Just have to figure out which ones to do. Doubt I'll be able to get them all done before Oren arrives.

DH visited his grandpa in the hospital after work. Said that he has definitely been physically effected by the strokes. His speech is a little slurred, he can't think as quick, you can see it in his face, and he failed some swallow test they had him do.
DH also said that the stroke is right near his brain stem which isn't good. Not sure what the doctors are going to do about it.
We'll see what happens I guess. Hopefully some good news along with proper treatment and medication to prevent another stroke from happening.

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