Saturday, January 17, 2015

Taking a break

... from cleaning.
I really haven't done much and still have a TON to do. Lots of throwing away crap we don't need and putting up stuff that rarely gets used.
I've cleaned up the bottom cabinets inside and out. Scrubbed the hell out of them. They all had grease drops all over them and just looked terrible.
The big task is to come though. Cleaning out the plastic containers and spice cabinets and washing the dishes.

Went to Wally World this morning too. Needed a couple of storage bins for the rarely used items and picked up a few other things.
Was going to buy some yoga pants for after birth, but they only had teen sizes or plus sizes (2X and larger). WTF?
Guess I'll have to spend a little more and get some at Target or something... IF they have some.

I did buy some breast pads and fenugreek. Gotta start stocking up on them now.

Also bought myself a diet dr pepper and 2l diet coke. Last night's sleep started off well. Got to sleep quickly and slept great....... until 2:44. Woke up and felt that slight need to pee. Didn't want to get up but knew if I didn't I'd just have to get up in 10-20min needing to go anyway.
Got up... used the bathroom, laid back down and WIDE AWAKE. UGH.
I didn't get back to sleep until frickin 5:30.
Thankfully Zoe's sleep schedule has her sleeping in until around 8-8:30 right now and she'll play pretty quietly in her crib so I can snooze a bit before getting up.

DH was also up around the same time. Poor guy is getting sick or something. He's getting bad phlegmy throat and I guess just couldn't really sleep well. Feel bad since he has to work this weekend and I know it will probably be busy.
Will be an early night for the both of us I think.

Felt hiccups again last night when trying to get back to sleep. It was weird and I have no idea how he was laying b/c I felt them on my far left side (was laying on that side), but also felt movement in the middle and on the right. So maybe transverse?
Again, not that it matters, but just so curious to know how he's positioned in there heh.

He was really active when I was awake in the night though. Having a good time moving around. At least that was a plus for the insomnia lol.

We went to a country buffet last night for dinner. I thought I was doing ok with not getting too much bad stuff. Well apparently I did a lot worse than I thought b/c my sugar afterwards was 155!! O_O
I know one high reading like that isn't going to do any harm but dang.... I need to be more careful when we go out to eat.

Gross, disgusting subject incoming......

What the hell is up with dogs and wanting to eat cat shit??
Our dog Cid is a total shit eater (cat and dog)... and DH caught him yesterday getting his cat treat straight from the source. *BARF*
We know he's gotten to the cat turds before b/c we'll see that the cat has messed up the pee pads but nothing will be on them.
He's a great dog... almost perfect. He's so patient and mellow. Stubborn b/c he's mostly bulldog and his farts are lethal, but he's an amazing dog.... except for the shit eating.
Thank gawd he doesn't try to lick us. We put a stop to that a LONG time ago.
The puppy Pippin is just as bad with the cat poop... or would be if he was quick enough to get to it first. I caught him a couple of times when we first got him trying to eat his own crap but think I scared that out of him when I freaked out after seeing him try lol.
It must be something that happens while the momma dog is still pregnant.

MiL used to have a dog from the same momma and daddy dog as our Cid.. just a previous litter and her dog was also a shit eater (dog and cat). Maybe bad food quality given while the dog is pregnant. I dunno.


Alrighty... my break is going on to the 2hr mark lol... need to get back to work.

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