Tuesday, January 27, 2015


About to head to bed (at a little past 9pm, woo!).... just wanted to ramble a bit.

I actually got some work done today! WOO! Cut out 5 emblems. Couldn't do much else b/c that took forever and was SUCH a pain. My little Xacto knife sucks ass. Need to get a better one and new blades if I ever want to do something else. Was so frustrating trying to cut out the symbols from the foam board stuff b/c the blade kept slipping out. And b/c of that none of it cut very clean, so I had to sand it a little which was a HUGE mess. I'm sure I inhaled too much paper/foam particles.
Hopefully these things look ok once painted and put together. If not... oh well! Momma aint doing this again lol.
I do still need to make one more thing out of this stuff that I'm just now remembering. I need to make one of those POW, ZAP, etc etc exclamation comic symbols for Oren's name. Totally forgot about that.
Might take a trip to Michael's.... may do that after my appointment on Thursday.

So yeah... just have that and some painting to do. Oh and glue once the paint dries.
Then it's on to trying to find some cute amigurumi crochet patterns.

DH got a text from his mom that his grandfather was back in the ER b/c he had another stroke. Not surprising at all. I blame them and I blame his doctors for not doing anything. He was obviously having more strokes after his first one and his children didn't do shit about it. And his doctors haven't done anything. Like increase his medication to prevent another stroke from happening.

Just stupid on everyone's part IMO. They're all to blame for this continued idiocy.

And not to leave this post on a rant....

The aching I was having finally went away by mid day. It came and went and just sucked ass. Not contractions... just... pain. It felt exactly like a stitch you would get if you were exercising while dehydrated.

Oh and I do definitely have a faint linea nigra on my upper belly. I always thought it was just the hair, but today I could finally see that it's not the hair creating the line. It stops just before it reaches my belly button.
Not sure why but just find it so... cool :P lol

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