Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Guess this is my body screaming at me to drink more. Went most of the night without drinking any water. Amazing what happens when you don't have to breath through your mouth all the time.
But my sugar was up a little this morning at 92 and I have a gawd awful stitch on my right side that will not go away. Thankfully now that I've sat down and ate something it's not as painful, but it's still there.
So yeah, going to relax and take it easy and drink plenty of liquids... including this diet dr pepper b/c Zoe woke up early this morning :P lol

She thankfully was happy playing in her crib for about an hour so I lightly snoozed a little, but of course last night was pretty rough. Woke up with my left hip hurting whenever I laid on it and not being able to get comfortable. Nevermind a stinky butt dog that was letting out some noxious gas.

DH brought home a big bag of baby boy clothes yesterday from one of his coworkers.
She had a baby a little over a month ago. BIG baby. Think he was almost? Or over 9lbs. He's 5w old and has already outgrown 0-3m clothing. WOW! lol
But hey, we're benefiting from it b/c now we have some cute sleepers and whatnot for Oren :D
Now we won't have to put him in the uber girly ones we have lol. Ok so I might still.. and might take some photos for future blackmailing........ but whatever :P

Ok, definitely going to work on some nursery stuff today. With a little more than a month to go... I need to stop procrastinating and start getting crap done already. Just have to look some stuff up and get to work.

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