Saturday, January 31, 2015


Woke up at 2:50 and it's currently 4:34 and I'm wide awake. Awesome.
I woke up at 2:50 still in that sleepy haze where I could've went back to sleep, but I took the risk of going to use the bathroom.... and lost. SIGH!
Laid in bed until almost 4 before finally just saying F it and getting up. So annoying!!!!
I can feel that I need to go back to sleep, but I'm not tired at all right now. I'm sure it will kick in in another hour or so... at least I hope so.

Went and visited DH's grandfather in the hospital. He's doing pretty well, but definitely has some problems due to the strokes.
I just don't understand how people can be so stupid and stubborn enough to not seek medical help.
Yeah, I'm a little stubborn with some things, but if I had just had a stroke and was exhibiting signs of having more... you better be damn sure I'd tell someone to take me to the hospital ASAP.
I'm sure we all know someone like his grandpa though (and the ppl who enable such behavior).
They could have a limb hanging on by a thread and still refuse to go to the hospital for it.

On the way home, he was telling me about one of his coworkers dealing with a patient who had broken his foot. He got screws and whatnot in it to fix it.
Not sure how long after, but the guy started feeling a screw start to poke OUT OF HIS SKIN and rub up against the inside of his shoes. Didn't do anything about it until he had the brilliant idea to actually tighten the screw back in himself. /facepalm
Must've gotten infected (DUH), b/c he did eventually go back in and now they have to amputate his foot.

Anyway! B/c of DH's grandfather's stubbornness and his kids unwillingness to stand up to him about it... he had this 2nd big stroke and now has probably lost most of his independence that he enjoyed before. I mean obviously it still could've happened even if he had went in, but we'll never know.
Just frustrating.

In other, lighter news...
Everyone keeps telling me I've lost weight.
Guess it's hard for me to see that with a giant baby bump lol. I just look at them like they're crazy until the subject has changed LOL.
We told MiL the due date, but I'm sure she'll forget it and will ask us a bajillion more times.

Oren will share a birthday with DH's 2nd? cousin. Not sure what her title would be in relation to DH.
It's his grandfather's sister's daughter. So..... *shrugs* They just keep it simple and say cousin lol.

Aunt asked me if there was a chance Oren could come early. I just gave her a WTF DUH look. I'm not the best at hiding my true feelings sometimes. She didn't notice though.
Not sure why she even asked that. Or maybe was trying to ask if they would take him earlier than that.
After giving her my look, I just shrugged and said... I guess it could happen b/c well... it could.

Speaking of Oren.... he is getting strong and is definitely enjoying his new position. He's moving around like crazy right now. Had a really big strong kick/movement a little while ago. Wonder what it would've felt like if I didn't have the placenta in the way. Would've probably looked like an alien trying to burst out of my stomach lol.

Reminded DH of my Christmas weight loss goal. He'll be joining me.... not that he has much of a choice since I cook. lol
Figure... March and April I won't give a turd about what I'm eating, but after that.. we should at least be somewhat settled and should be able to start eating better. At least that's what I'm hoping.
Will give me 8 months to try to lose some weight by my Christmas goal.
Would love it if it was 50lbs, but I think realistically with me probably not exercising and having to do it by just diet alone... 30lbs is a more feasible goal.
I'll take 30 gladly though if I can do it :)
Planning on being strict but also knowing that we'll have cheats here and there too. Just have to make sure the cheats don't become too regular and too often.

I know poor DH is really unhappy with the weight he's gained. The guy has absolutely NO willpower when it comes to junk food.
I've been buying some chocolate covered granola bars to eat as snacks. Since buying them, we've been going through 4 boxes of them a week b/c he eats them all. And the thing is.. he has his own healthier granola in the pantry too but he ignores those and goes straight for mine. Grrrr
It's SO frustrating b/c well... 1... he's eating my shit lol, and 2.... I just want to shake him and tell him to get some damn will power and stop. I know that won't help anything though so just kinda glare at him whenever he steals one :P lol
He's great if we don't have anything in the house... but as soon as there's anything even remotely unhealthy... he inhales it.
So yeah... he'll definitely benefit from me planning on doing my weight loss thing after baby is born.

Just after 5 am.
Feeling like I could go lay down, but not sure I'd actually get to sleep. Will give it another 30mins.

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