Monday, January 26, 2015

Photos and stuff

HA! Finally remembering to post some photos :P Took me long enough... although I think I'm forgetting something I said I would post.... oh well.
All of that in a minute.

Have another doc/ultrasound appointment this afternoon. BLEH! Hoping it won't be super busy like it is in the mornings but I doubt it. Going to be getting our moneys worth and then some out of the backpack/leash thing we bought for Zoe lol. I think she'll be ok once we're in a room, but waiting out in the waiting room is when she starts getting bored and wanting to run around everywhere.
We'll see how it goes.
First appointment I'm going to without DH.

Pretty sure Zoe is finally getting her last set of molars in. Or was at least. She's been very mouthy and sticking her fingers in her mouth. She hasn't done that in a few days so maybe they've broken through. Will have to see.

Think it's pretty safe to say that baby boy isn't going to flip. He's found himself a comfy position in there and isn't going to move. Hey, whatever he's happy with in there I guess lol.
Can't believe it's almost time for him to be here. EEP!

Got most of the bottles back from SiL. You can tell she didn't use a single one of them b/c they were still in the original ziplock baggies I put them in. Whatever..... just have to defunk them all now which sucks.
They all stink of stale cig smoke. So disgusting.

And now on to the photos...

Just the changing pad covers. OOO Ahh, so exciting lol. They're SO stinkin soft though.

I went through all of Zoe's old clothes to get out all of the neutral and not so neutral pajamas out. Boy is going to be a pink mess when he's sleeping but oh well :P I know we had a lot more than this... forgot just how much I gave to SiL when she had her boy and I'm sure she didn''t use a damn thing out of what I gave her. Might as well kiss all of those clothes goodbye unless I want to bug them some more to get those back too.

And nursery photos! Still more we need to add like a little table for the monitor, some decor and whatnot, but it's mostly done :)


Rian Eidson said...

This is fucking amazing!!! There are no other words for it. I love it!!

Shannon said...

The room is too stinkin cute! Love it!!!

Lee Pinwill said...

That is amazing! Can't believe you painted that!!

LisaL said...

Thanks everyone :)