Sunday, January 18, 2015


DH mentioned it last night when I said I was going to fold all of Zoe's clean clothes.
I dunno... I don't think I'm nesting. Isn't that more of an urge/compulsion to do all of these things?
I have no urge to do them.... I'm doing them now b/c if I leave any of it for much longer, they will never get done.
Heck, Zoe's clean clothes haven't been folded since before Christmas (yes I'm admitting to that)....
There's stuff in there that we bought her while we were Christmas shopping :P
And the kitchen.. well, that was just long overdo.
We needed more counter space for a bottle & pump parts drying rack and with how dirty and cluttered everything was... again, if I had left it any longer, it never would've gotten done.
I didn't WANT to do any of it lol. I'm just on a roll right now and want to get as much done before the procrastination hits again.
Hell, we still have our Christmas tree and other decorations up and the hell if I want to mess with all of that. :\

Going to move all of my crafting crap in to the nursery in a few so I can start on the mobile.
Need to look up hero photos though so I can get those details right.

Sleep last night was a little better. Went to bed sooner so woke up a bit earlier at 1:20. Thought I was in for another long night... and it did start off that way. My insomnia mixed with DH's uncontrollable sick snoring. But I eventually went back to sleep in about an hour or so. I did wake up a few more times after that, but thankfully wasn't up for more than 10mins.
But of course, Zoe picked today to wake up earlier than usual, and be fussy so I couldn't snooze for a little while longer. OH well.

Trying my hand at making some bread today. We don't have a stand mixer or bread machine so this is going to be interesting lol. Hope it comes out ok. Nothing better than fresh made bread. I won't be able to eat a lot of it obviously, but if it comes out ok, hoping it will make DH feel a little better and it will be good for easy quick breakfast/snack/lunch meals.

I also want to make some cinnamon rolls. Again, I won't be able to eat hardly any of it, but having a nibble here and there should be ok :) Will probably make those later in the week.

DH is off Tuesday-Sunday. He took the time off so we can get all of the rest of the preparations done.
Plus we really need to take our cars in to be serviced. Of course my mom would give us the SUV right before that had to happen lol. Again, like with the cleaning.. if it's not done now, it will not get done after Oren is born.
So yeah..... it's not going to be a relaxing vacation for DH or myself. That's for sure.

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