Sunday, January 25, 2015

In other news

Had to cut my post yesterday a bit short. DH was reading over my shoulder which I don't like :P

Anywho..... man... our puppy better be glad we're not dicks b/c he would've been kicked across the room yesterday if we had no self control.
The dogs had been outside for a good hour or so. I let them in, saw him hop on to the loveseat which was kind of strange, but thought he was just making himself a comfy bed since our big dog that he usually lays with was trotting around everywhere.
I had put a blanket over on the loveseat for one of the other dogs or the cat to lay on.
Pup started to scratch at it and I thought he was just doing what dogs do and making himself a comfy place to lay down.
NOPE... not even a minute later, I see him squat and start pissing all over it.
He was inside for MAYBE 3 minutes before he did this.
I am just so fed up with this damn dog. If we knew someone that would take him.. I'd give him away without a 2nd thought. I am just so sick of him pissing and shitting everywhere... especially the piss.
Any other time and he's the sweetest little dog and he's not really that yappy either which is a bonus...
it's just the house breaking issue.

I'm going to read up everything I can and try everything I can to try to fix this problem. I haven't completely given up, but I'm almost there.

UGH, the inlaws are SO damn irritating/frustrating to deal with.

So DH's grandpa had that stroke. He's been ok, but weak. Well apparently, he's been showing signs of having even more strokes since they had taken him to the ER. But did they bother calling his doctor about it? NOPE.
Why didn't they take him? B/c he didn't want to go.. that's why.
Are you F-ing kidding me with this crap???
He's showing clear signs of having another stroke.. weakness on one side of his body, slurred speech, etc... and you're going to let him tell you that he doesn't want to go to the doctor? I don't think so. I'd be dragging his old ass out the house and to the hospital ASAP.
DH told them multiple times "He needs to go to the hospital." But it goes in one ear and right out the other.
I just want to scream at them "Do you want him to die b/c you're too cowardly to make him go???" It's infuriating.

On a lighter note... while DH and Zoe are at church this morning. My plans are to fold and put away baby clothes.
Now that we have the dresser.. no excuse not to do it now. Plus I need to straighten it up in there a little before I take photos. Have a pile of clean clothes sitting on top of the dresser :P

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