Monday, January 19, 2015

Pretty good

So I had my first NST this morning and Zoe did pretty well. She did start getting a bit bored near the end but thankfully I was only there for 30mins.
Oren did well on everything and moved around a bit. I'm sure the caffeine and 2 granola bars I had this morning helped with that heh.
He was quiet the last 10mins of it though, but he had moved enough the first 20.
No bed this time. Not sure if they changed all of them, but it was a reclining chair. There was another chair in there that I put Zoe in and gave her the kindle to play on. Everything was ok until the puzzle game she was playing bugged. I couldn't get up so she had to get down and didn't want to get back in the chair. She still played on the kindle, but also wanted to dig in my bag, get out my gum and dump them all on the floor. DOH.
Hopefully nothing contagious was on there and hoping she won't get diarrhea from the bazillion sugar free pieces she ate. Sigh.
Will have to remember to put that in my pocket next time.

May be able to take her to my u/s appointments too if the kindle keeps her distracted for long enough. She'll probably get bored when we have to wait for the doctor though. Oh well. We'll see what happens.

Sleep last night was AWFUL. Took me over an hour to get to sleep, and then I woke up about 2 hrs later w/ the insomnia thing kicking in. DH's snoring wasn't helping either.
Came out in to the living room to try to sleep but couldn't get comfortable. Funny how I can fall asleep super quick for a nap on the recliners, but if I try to sleep out here at night? NOPE!
I eventually just went back to bed w/ some ear plugs stuffed in my ears. Will have to keep doing that until DH gets over his cold. I feel bad that I have to keep poking him to roll b/c there's no position right now he can lay in that stops the snoring.
So yeah.... I had maybe 5hrs total sleep last night.
Hoping I'll be able to sleep in at least some of these days.
Not tomorrow if DH wants us to go with him to take the car in to be serviced. Appointment is at 8am for that and it's about a 20-30min drive in rush hour traffic.
Sucks but gotta get it done.

I am napping today though. Just hope Zoe cooperates and naps too or at least plays quietly in her crib.
She's been waking up early these last 2 days. Think DH going to work a little later is doing it. He usually leaves earlier when she's probably still in deep sleep so any noise he makes doesn't disturb her.
Oh well.

And yeah, I think that's about it. Going to TRY to get some nursery crafts done today.

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