Friday, May 30, 2014

What has 2 thumbs and is totally pathetic with no willpower??

This girl right here.

I..... used my last FRER w/ 2MU. Sigh....... Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe me when it comes to my willpower.

I'd like to scream out that it showed a BFP! BUt nope...
My line eyes still see something but they always do no matter what.

So I went out and bought another pack of 3 FRER and a pack of 2 Answer brand.
Hoping the Answer ones are better now and don't have those HUGE ass indents they did before.

But yeah, NO MORE EXPENSIVE TESTS!!! At least not until tomorrow morning ;) lol

I dunno... thinking about it, my heart sinks and I think AF will be showing, or worse yet, that I didn't even ovulate.
I know 8dpo is still so early, but with a short LP.. things have to happen early or else there's no chance :\
Just have to hope that there's an eggbert in there getting comfy and will make its presence known within another day or so.

Went down memory lane and looked up the cycle when we conceived Z.
I was so sure I was out and that the first wondfo was faulty on 8dpo. Sigh.
The good ole days :P heh
That really was a total shocker seeing that faint pink line on the FRER. I had so hoped this morning would be a repeat of that.

Looking at the symptoms I posted... looks like I was having a... meh.. decent amount? Nothing major though. Looked like aching in the uterus area and some aches on the O areas were the main ones.

Come on body... don't let me down!

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