Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oh you annoy me

Or more like the people on FB.

Have a cousin that is a backyard breeder. While not as bad as ones that don't give a crap about the pets they breed, they're still not doing it to better the breed in any way. They do it purely for the profit.
And this same cousin also makes children dresses and CONSTANTLY posts every single one of them. I get it, you want to sell your stuff and that's fine... but how about you make a separate account and post it all there. Or ya know, put it on etsy or ebay like a normal person does instead of spamming everyone with your shit?

Then, SIL is such a frickin FB attention whore. She is not even a year younger than me and acts like a damn teenager on FB.

Posting those stupid phishing for sympathy/attention comments that are vague in hopes of getting people to ask her what's wrong, what happened, etc etc.
THEN she even changed her profile photo to plain black. That's it. B/c ya know, she's just so deep and depressed (no she's not) and blahblah horse crap.
UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH I just can't stand that crap. If you have something to say, JUST SAY IT.
If someone is pissing you off, PM them or if you want to make it public, then call them out for it. Don't do that vague BS!

Just so F-ing annoying.

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