Friday, May 30, 2014

Here comes the crazy train

Took 3 hpts this morning.
2 wondfos and a FRER.
I'm going to say BFN, BUT I do see some really faint shadowy lines on the wondfos (which is why I took 2).
First wondfo there was a shadowy something on it

Non-tweaked photo. I know it's hard to see so if you don't see anything that's fine b/c I barely do heh.

Also used an FRER b/c apparently I just love peeing all over money :P
Top photo is not tweaked and taken in kitchen, bottom is tweaked w/ contrast and was taken in computer room.

I have total line eye w/ the first photo and looking at the test I sometimes have line eye and sometimes nada. So I'm going to vote BFN.

Here's the 2nd wondfo I took after seeing the shadowy something on the first one.

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