Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Symptom spotting & line eye

Apparently a lot of women suffer from line eye. So glad I'm not the only one lol. ;)

BFN on today's test... not that I was expecting anything different.
6dpo and still obsessing. Nothing new with that either ;)

I do so wish our bodies gave clearer signs of everything. Pregnant? Then your nipples turn blue! Ovulate? Then you get a giant spot on your forehead. lol


Cat clawed or bit Zoe's head earlier. Zoe does terrorize the cat quite a bit so it was bound to happen (again), but damn... I would've kicked the hell out of the cat if he hadn't been in the box. Hurting my baby like that :(
Zoe's fine though. Seems head wounds bleed a whole hellava lot though. It was dripping off of her.
Nobody makes Z bleed her own blood... nobody! /end geek

She is still resisting the naps and waking up SUPER frackin early. I need like another 30mins to an hour. If she would just play quietly in her crib until then, that would be great lol.

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