Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Going to seem really ungrateful...

Dh's sister is going to be visiting at the end of June. That's all good and well, but his family is going to the beach then. I dunno why since she lives in California and is very close to the beach there, but whatever.
DH's wants me to go without him. Uhm... no.
Now I love his family and all, but I don't want to be stuck with them alone. It's bad enough when I have to go out to dinner without him.
He knows this but still got all upset at me when I just gave him a look.
I wanted to go to the beach with HIM, not all of them and certainly not without him.

I'll probably end up giving in and going b/c I don't want Z to experience the beach without me and I know they'll want her to spend the night with them and all that BS.

AND I don't think DH thought through, who is going to take care of our dogs? B/c I know he nor I trust my brother and his wife to do it.

Just going to have to bite the bullet and suck it up I guess. Won't be happy about it though.

Maybe I'll be pregnant by then and suffering from morning sickness so I'll have an excuse why I can't go. :P lol
Then when DH goes to the beach (I think I'd have to be there a day or 2 without him whch isn't bad but I still don't want to do it).... he can take Z with him. I wouldn't mind it if I wasn't there but he was. I just want her first experience at the beach to be with one of us.

Speaking of pregnancy... or well, TWW....
I am driving myself crazy. Thankfully Zoe is such a handful that it keeps my mind off of it for a good portion of the day but I still find myself obsessing a lot too.

Been feeling a lot of aches coming from the right O area.
Also felt not that long ago this weird pulling sensation on the right uterus area. It was strange. Radiated from where O probably is down to my crotch. It was a very subtle feeling but there. I know I didn't imagine it lol.

Breasts are still tender. Of course every time Z climbed in to my lap she would grab them and then smoosh them. OUCH OUCH OUCH! lol

She's so cute though. She's started to say "Sowwy" now. AWWWWWWWW. She was hitting herself in the head w/ one of her books (it was soft) and kept saying, "Sowwy, sowwy, sowwy.." after every time. Heh. Silly girl.

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