Thursday, May 22, 2014

Not a + today

So I've taken 2 opks so far today, and while they're still darker than normal, they're definitely not positive.

Really hoping yesterday's were actual real BFPs. I felt some very significant pinching aches on my right O area this morning so hoping that means I'm ovulating or going to.
We BD'd last night, the night before and this morning so if an egg pops out, it's going to have to travel through an ocean of sperm :P lol

I really needed this though. My weight is STILL up even with the increase in activity and while still motivated, I was frustrated. This shows me that something was working and I need to keep going.

If no BFP this cycle, then hopefully the femara next will give me a nice strong ovulation w/ a big fat healthy egg.

We already went out and bought some FRERs ;) hehe I'm ready!!
Speaking of HPTs... I'm only down to 20 wondfos. Oops. Thought I had more but I guess I've been going through them quicker than I thought.
Now that I actually have a REAL reason to use them, I need to save them for when that time comes :D

I'll just say I'm going to ovulate today b/c of the pinching. Which means... I need to hold off on testing until at least next thursday or friday. I can do that hopefully lol.
Just really hope I don't start spotting. I'm really worried about my luteal phase length and just hope it doesn't cause any problems.

Zoe finally just quieted down. Hopefully for a nap. I know any little sound is going to set her back off in to a screaming fit though. She's still not used to going to sleep without a paci.
Wish she would just get used to it already though. Hate hearing her cry like this (she started up again).
Makes me feel like, she thinks we're punishing her and she doesn't understand why. My poor baby :(

Good lord, if we are lucky enough to have another, I'm going to try everything I can to keep them from needing a pacifier. Do NOT want to go through this again.

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