Saturday, May 31, 2014


Really trying to keep from using all of my wondfos. I don't have that many left. 20 is a lot but not when you're using them up like there's no tomorrow. lol

Thankfully I have no desire to use another expensive test though. Well no, there's some there, but not enough that I will.
Keeping the boxes of tests on my desk helps. Having them in the bathroom just gets too tempting. (can't remember if I already said that before).

Still feeling wet down there. Makes me keep checking to see if I've started spotting.
Feeling bloated, but pretty sure that is just from the pizza we had last night and for leftovers. It's been making us all super gassy.
Bewbs have actually become tender again. It's not as bad I don't think and feels more deep check tissue than actual breasts. Hard to tell when it's just me pressing on them lol.

OH and do people just not read?
I've been googling, trying to hold on to some hope that I'm not out.
Looking for people that lost ALL symptoms at 9 or so dpo. (this was earlier this morning)

Looks like a lot of women want the same information too, and what kind of replies do they get?
Something along the lines of
"Oh I lost all of my symptoms too... except for *insert a few symptoms here*"
Uh then you didn't lose all of your symptoms like the OP asked about now did ya??

Prime example here...
I just googled up BFP no symptoms..
On one of the links, this was an answer given....

 I just got my bfp yesterday and I didn't have any symptoms. I just missed a period. I am having random af cramps and have been have them since last week. Good luck to you!

Really....... really......

I'm not knocking these people for wanting to be supportive, buuuut... yeah... having AF type of cramps for a week before your BFP... that was a symptom lady.

There was another one on there that went something like

"I didn't have any symptoms before my BFP except increased sense of smell."


I'm sorry for being so bitchy. (hey maybe that's a symptom ;) ) I just had to sit here listening to Zoe scream her head off once again b/c she was put down for a nap. Just frazzles your nerves.

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