Thursday, May 29, 2014

Photo & random

Here's the photo of the test.

Big ole negative. I'm cool with that for now ;)
Knew I shouldn't have tested. I ALMOST talked myself out of it but I just couldn't resist it. The pee sticks were calling to me lol.
And the ring is to help the camera focus. How cool is that? Saw women posting their tests w/ their rings and wondered WTH they were doing.. showing off? lol But then someone explains and it made sense :P heh

Wish I could say I knew for certain that I was or wasn't. Having a feeling about it. I'd like to say, YES! And in my gut I want to believe it, but I think it's just my excitement at actually having this chance that is getting my hopes up.
I would not be surprised if AF ended up coming. Disappointed of course but not surprised.
I just hope that I did actually ovulate and it wasn't some weird fluke LH surge w/ no ovulation.
Don't think it was since I've been having consistent right O pains since then, but you never know.

Will also be interesting to see if my LP is still only 10 days long. Have a feeling it will be so should have some answers in just a few days.

MIRACLE.... put Zoe down for a nap. She cried for maybe a minute and hushed up. *gasps* Is she going back to the way she was??? PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS!!!

Our camera has disappeared. ONly reason I used my phone to take the photo. NO idea where it is. It's not where it usually is. DH must have moved it somewhere. Not that it's much better than my phone though. We really need to get a new one one of these days.... after we've gotten gutters, back porch, shed, etc etc.

Thank goodness we're putting money in to savings now. We would just blow through it all (on nothing it seems) and have nothing saved. Now that a little bit of money every pay check goes in to that, we have to actually budget ourselves a bit more. We still spend too much but it's not near as bad as what we used to do.
We have money for much needed home improvements though. Like getting gutters and after that hopefully getting the back porch started. Then DH will probably want his shed and then, not sure what else after that. Maybe the tile for the kitchen.
He's dead set on getting us a new car in a year? Maybe longer? I know he'd like to get a new one before another baby arrives (whenever that may be). So I'm sure the savings would go in to that too.
Anyway.. yeah, it's nice to have the savings so we're not having to struggle to pay for all of that.

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