Saturday, May 24, 2014

Holy Shinikies!

So once the weather gets warmer her, we'll get quick harsh thunderstorms that usually only last maybe 10 minutes or so.
They'll come in w/ force and then quickly leave.
Well, had one come last night that I've never experienced before.
Seriously thought a tornado was going to rip through the house.

It started off normal. It got dark, thunder and lightning, heavy rain. Then it started to hail. Just little pea sized hail, not a big deal.
Then it got bigger. Hmm, that's not normal.... then it got even bigger.

These were a few of the bigger chunks, keeping in mind that these were gotten after the storm had passed so they had time to melt down a little.
Thankfully my car's windows held up but there are dents and dings all over it.
And the house siding also has cracks and a really large hole through one of them.
Also, my poor garden looks like someone was using it for target practice.

We've had hail before, and it usually only comes down for a minute or so, but this lasted for a good 10-15mins, maybe even longer. At one point, you could barely even see a few feet in front of you b/c the rain and hail were coming down so hard along w/ lots and lots of strong wind. That's when I thought it was a tornado.

Scary as hell going through it, but kind of neat after the fact.

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