Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sleep child!!!

The past 2 nights have been ok bedtimes, naps are still screaming fits of rage from Zoe.
She's obviously tired and cranky but she acts like we're torturing her by making her take a nap.
If kids only knew how lucky they are that they get a nap. Man, what I would give to have daily naps lol.

Girl needs to go to sleep though. She has been SO darn frustrating today.

I'm going to relax by reading some TWW by dpo symptoms lol. Totally obsessing but I really need to wind down right now. W/ the way Zoe has been acting up today... I really need some me time.

Oh and my breasts are tender today. Not normal for me so I think it's a good sign for ovulation :D Can't wait to start testing!!

OH and one more thing, I've felt this a couple of times so far today. I know it's way too early for any kind of implantation to be occurring.
I've been feeling some pinching sharpish cramps in my uterus. It's really quick and not that painful, but it's noticeable when it happens. *shrugs* Hopefully it's my body getting ready for a little eggy to implant.

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