Monday, May 26, 2014


I wish I had the powers of the evil guys from the movie Dark City. Make Zoe sleep w/ just a wave of my hand. Oh how wonderful that would be.
She's been screaming for about 40mins in her crib now despite the fact that she's tired.
Awesome :\

Should record it and give it to schools around the world to show the kids. Best pregnancy prevention EVER lol ;)
It is a lie saying that you wouldn't trade it for anything. I would trade it for a Zoe that goes back to sleeping well! :P

She's my screaming screech monkey though and damnit, I still love her even when she makes me want to rip my hair out.

She's in a climbing phase now too. It's taken her a while to finally figure it out and now that she has... NOOOOOOOOOOOO

A LOT of gas lately. So lady-like I know. Only reason I mention it is b/c I'm in the tww. It's this weird gurgly type of gas. Very strange feeling.

Boobs are still tender and been feeling aching coming from my left O side. That could definitely just be intestinal though.

Other than that... nada which is to be expected.

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