Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My toddler is keeping me a silent prisoner...

She is still not wanting to nap and I have to sit here almost completely silent or it will start up the screaming, shrieking fits again.
Bad thing is, my computer chair makes this cracking sound whenever I get in or out of it and that sets her off so I try not to drink anything so I won't have to get up and pee lol.

I feel so pathetic that I have to remain so quiet so she'll sleep LOL. Being controlled by someone that doesn't even weigh 30lbs. YEESH ;)

5dpo today! WOO! And yep, I caved and took a test. Obviously BFN, but it helped satisfy the urge.

Saw on TWW that someone has the same lot # of hpts and hers are faulty. She's been getting lines and positives on digitals and other tests but her wondfos are only showing really super faint lines.
Reminds me of when testing w/ Zoe. My wondfos were still very light while FRERs were getting darker.

Hope maybe her little batch were faulty and not all of them. That would suck.


Shari said...

I was the same way with #1. #2 is a different story. I am not quiet at all and neither is #1. Thankfully #2 sleeps right through it......lol

Shari said...
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LisaL said...

Yeah, I would imagine #2 would sleep through a tornado since they're be living with one ;)