Sunday, May 25, 2014

I want to test!!!

I'm obsessing so bad and it's making time go by so dang slooooooow.

3 dpo today and I want to test!!
Maybe if I ovulated regularly, I'd be one of those women who can actually wait until their AF is due, but since I'm not... PFFFFFFFT.

I'm going to try to hold off until Thursday, maybe even Friday (7-8dpo). But... I could give in by Wednesday. We'll see lol. Need to do something to keep myself busy.
I've been in a crafty mood lately. Just want to create something but I havent figured out what yet.
I should start planning out the felt books I want to do. Hmm, yeah, think I will do that. Must do some research for the themes first though :D

Good lord Zoe is such a stubborn girl.
She ignores us, disobeys, tells us no (sometimes yells it at us), and runs away.
I know she's just in a phase where she's testing her limits but dang.... it's tiring as hell. I don't want to have to chase her down b/c I told her to 'Come here'. Or have to scold her b/c she's disobeying us when we tell her not to do something (like mess w/ something we've told her to stop messing with).

And then with her unwillingness to nap even though she's clearly tired, it makes her SUPER grumpy stubborn Zoe. Momma would need some wine if momma liked wine :P lol

We took her to the pool today. It just opened up and we wanted to go. It was a bit cooler than expected and clouded over so the pool was pretty cold. Poor Zoe started shivering and her little chin/mouth would chatter. We took her in to the kiddie pool which is usually a lot warmer b/c of all the pee...... ha j/k.... sorta... it's b/c it's shallow so less water to warm.
She was having a blast in that. She's still not used to getting her head wet though. I'm sure she'll be a little water rat like every other kid soon enough.
We plan on buying her a kiddie pool. Maybe tomorrow.

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