Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's a damn miracle I tells ya!

Put Z down for a 2nd nap. She cried for less than a minute and now she's playing in her crib. Probably playing in the old clothes bin next to her crib but I don't care. Peace and quiet for just a little bit!!

So glad I stuck to my guns and don't give in to her tantrums.
I know the tantrums will return again, but hopefully will be few and far between.
Haven't been exercising this week b/c listening to her scream like that just drains me. Ya know, motherhood in general isn't that hard per se, but moments like that, those frustrating, helpless feeling moments just completely drain you physically and emotionally.

I've been SO irritable and those tantrums were not helping either of us out.
Girl can definitely scream though. YEESH.

Holy crap I need to get video of Zoe's dance moves. They are HILARIOUS and adorable.
She does this thing where her arm is bent and she lifts her elbow in to the air and kind of shrugs that side. I swear it looks like she can't really control it so just goes with it. It's too damn funny and cracks me up every time. She has fun with it though and that's all that matters :)
My crazy little dancer... and singer for that matter.
She absolutely adores music. Every kind of music that comes on, she's dancing and trying to sing along with it.
Wouldn't mind getting her dance lessons along w/ the martial arts. She'd kick butt gracefully heh.

Ok time for me to obsess some more.

Been feeling some quick dull aches in the uterus area. Only just started maybe an hour or so ago. They're very very dull and come and go.

Feeling wet down below, but haven't actually noticed increased cm like on tp when I use the bathroom. Weird.
I've felt actual small gushy feelings and keep thinking I'm going to see blood whenever I go to the bathroom.

Took the FRER out of the case finally and, no visible indent. There IS something there but it is super duper faint and pretty positive it's not positive. Must just be seeing a darker (or maybe lighter) than normal antibody strip.

Took an OPK and another wondfo hpt earlier this afternoon and negative on both of them. Wasn't expecting much but I tested again anyway b/c I'm pathetic :P

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