Saturday, May 31, 2014

BFN 9dpo

No point in posting photos. It's BFN.
Still have some line eye going on but it's def just a BFN.

9dpo today which means if it's like my other cycles, AF will make a full force arrival on Sunday. May start spotting today or tomorrow.

Yeah, I'm not feeling very hopeful unfortunately.
My right O aches have disappeared which makes me believe the corpus luteum cyst has gone.
Bewbs aren't as painful either.
Just feeling out.

I know 9dpo is early, but with only a 10 day LP... something NEEDS to happen early for there to be any chance.

Maybe there's an eggbert in there getting comfortable. Gosh I hope so.
Looking st the BFP chart with Z.... I had a temp dip at 5dpo, got a BFP 3 days after that.
I still totally believe that the vibrations from that concert helped the egg move down faster lol.

Anywho.... we'll see what happens I guess.

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